CalmingBreath Traveling Meditation Stool review

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The specially curved legs with this CalmingBreath traveling meditation stool made in light, untreated cedar wood allow one to gently "rock" into perfect balance. The angled seat promotes correct posture, aligning the upper body and relieving pressure on the lower back and knees. For a degree of calm comfort conducive to deep meditation you merely can't beat this perfectly balanced seat. (The untreated cedar smells wonderful as well!) -- Fits all sizes as much as 6ft 4in - Free Delivery, Free Returns --- REVIEW -- "I need to send my appreciation for the stool-making and your overall ethos about wind-blown wood/recycling, etc. It's really nice to determine such artisanship as well!" -- Rachel Davies, Retreats Manager - Gaia House, Devon

Product Features
Extremely light (under a kg!) but strong and secure, perfect for taking on retreat
Curved legs allow you to "rock" into perfect balance, fine tuning your posture for maximum comfort
Angled seat automatically aligns your pelvis relieving pressure on the lower back & knees
Neck, shoulders and upper back naturally settle into good posture for calm, alert meditation
Sit bones rest just off the back edge which means you won't need a cushion at all.

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