Folding Seiza Bench Meditation Stool

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Folding Meditation Stool Seat. This is often a folding seiza bench or meditation stool. It is created from exterior Plywood from fully renewable resources. The legs are curved with the base, allowing you to fine tune your posture. The Meditation Stool/Seiza bench, tucks in behind the top of your thighs. Essentially you do not sit around the bench but rest on it. This takes the body weight off your knees and ankle joints - allowing you to feel like you're floating. Sitting on a Meditation Stool / Seiza bench having its angled seat places your spine into an automatically improved position. Maintaining a straight posture is essential in the practice of meditation. This Meditation/Seiza Bench may help relieve fatigue and backache brought on by sitting for very long periods. What's more, it can help you develop your core musculature strength; this is the inspiration of the healthy back. When you purchase one you may be surprised about how light it is, just about 1.5kg but still able to consider approximately 20 stone in weight. All Meditation/Seiza Benches are designed from both safety and comfort. It will stop used directly onto a polished floor. Rather work with a mat, towel or on a carpeted surface.

Exterior Plywood hand crafted folding meditation bench
Finished with beeswax furniture polish
Gives your back a perfect posture.
18 inches/45cm x 7.5inches/19cm height x 7.5 inches/19cm depth.
1.5kg 3.3lb approximately

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